martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Lets Help Africa Together

Self Help Africa is an international charity that promotes and implements long-term rural development projects in Africa. Following a merger with Gorta in July 2014 the organisation operates in Ireland as Gorta-Self Help Africa . It continues to operate internationally as Self Help Africa
The organisation works with rural communities in ten African countries – supporting farm families to grow more and earn more from their produce. Self Help Africa provides training and technical support to assist households to produce more food, diversify their crops and incomes, and access markets for their surplus produce.
The agency also helps rural communities to access micro-finance services, and supports sustainable agricultural solutions that enable rural farmers to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.
Enterprise development, value-added production, on and off farm diversification, programmes that promote community-seed production, innovation and working with women farmers in Africa are also features of the organisation's development work.
Self Help Africa works with local partners across its African programmes to support the provision of good quality local seed and planting materials. This work includes assistance to local communities to multiply their own seed, and prov1ision of support for rural groups so that they can get certification for the seed that they produce.
Self Help Africa is a recipient of funding from  the European Commission, US AID, the United Kingdom Department of Foreign and Overseas Development (DFID), of variety of trusts, foundations, other institutional donors, and the general public.
The agency has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, UK offices in Shrewsbury, London and American offices in New York and Boston.

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