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Helps African orphans and children living in extreme poverty lead healthier, more productive lives. Priority programs emphasize the education, well-being, and safety of young girls.
african-childrens-haven-photo1African Childrens Haven supports grassroots organizations that help local kids lead healthier, more productive lives. We invest in a variety of projects, but place special emphasis on education, especially for orphans and children living in extreme poverty.
  • In Ethiopia and Kenya, we finance programs for thousands of homeless children, kids victimized by poverty, war, and HIV/AIDS;
  • In Tanzania, we offer science scholarships to orphaned girls with a talent for math and science, but who lack the resources to pursue high quality education.
  • And in Kenya, we support girls fleeing female genital mutilation and provide them with the opportunity to go school, start a business or learn a trade.
Each of our programs is guided by the belief is that Africa’s future rests with its children and that projects developed and run by local communities produce long-term results.

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