martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Help Build African Homes

Saves lives, rebuilds sustainable communities, and creates hope for the poorest Africans through fresh water wells, tree planting, clean cook stoves, child healthcare, education, training.
These seedlings from ARDSO's nursery will grow into fruit bearing treesAfrican Rural Development and Sustainability Organization (ARDSO) helps build sustainable communities in Uganda so their inhabitants have access to clean water, use fuel-efficient cook stoves and plant trees on deforested areas. In rural Africa, women and girls often walk long distances to get water for the family. The water is usually unsafe for drinking. Within the home, women often cook with open smoky fires that cause lung and eye disease, particularly in children. Collecting fuel for wood stoves leads to deforestation and the need for women to walk miles to find fuel.
ARDSO tackles these problems together. The organization developed a simple well-drilling tool and rig and works with local communities to drill their own wells. They also work with communities to build sheltered springs and repair well pumps.
ARDSO also builds and distributes highly efficient six-brick rocket stoves, which burn less fuel, heat more efficiently, and reduce the carbon emissions and illness caused by smoke. The bricks are made from readily available clay and organic matter. Making bricks provides local jobs. ARDSO teaches women how to assemble and install stoves in their homes.
To address deforestation, ARDSO raises thousands of seedlings to replant forests lost to over-harvesting for fuel wood. The organization distributes the young trees for planting to replenish nutrients in the soil and provide edible tree fruits and fuel.
ARDSO’s work in rural Uganda is changing the lives of thousands and helping create sustainable communities.

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