martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

A Hope Of Light

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation (Glimmer) helps lift women and children out of extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia.
a-glimmer-photo1Glimmer believes the best way to affect sustainable change is to tackle all of the unique areas that perpetuate poverty. Rather than focus on a single issue like water or education, Glimmer’s unique model of integrated development means that they work across many different sectors to bring deep, lasting change.
Glimmer’s Ethiopian staff of development experts are pros at transforming communities through water, education, health, and microfinance projects. And Glimmer works only with regional Ethiopian development organizations to construct and manage its projects. These partner organizations provide valuable local expertise and are staffed with their own technical and field experts who work closely with Glimmer’s Ethiopia-based team.
Since its founding in 2000, Glimmer and its supporters have constructed more than 6,700 water projects, 520 school buildings and 210 health facilities, and distributed more than 19,000 micro-finance loans to help those living in rural Ethiopia. Through these projects, Glimmer has helped improve more than 2.5 million lives.
All of Glimmer’s operating costs are covered by its endowment, which means that 100% of every donation can go directly to projects in rural Ethiopia that help fight poverty and improve lives.

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